October 21, 2021

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Eurogamer’s Top 50 Games of 2017: 20-11

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Welcome back! Here’s what you’ve missed:


Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: The New Colossus is by turns a bloodthirsty shooter, a stylish satire of American fascism and a round of drunken chess-boxing at a Nazis-and-beatniks-themed fancy dress party. In one corner Ronald Reagan lies bleeding, his turtleneck sweater torn at by a robot dog who sings as sweetly as George Harrison. Across the room, an unending procession of stormtroopers emerges from a Portaloo, each pausing to waft the air theatrically before sauntering straight into a grinder. Out the window, Texan school children dance around a tree that is, on closer inspection, a mushroom cloud. Suddenly, series protagonist BJ Blazkowicz appears riding a pig to wild applause, shotguns coughing and spluttering in either hand. His mouth falls open and the voice of a senile Hitler issues forth: “do the Fall of the Berlin Wall next, MachineGames.”

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