July 25, 2021

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Why I love sailing alone in Sea of Thieves

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How should you play Sea of Thieves? Think about what we’ve seen so far of the game, what the message has been: play with your friends, take control of a pirate ship and hunt treasure and other players on the high seas. But what if you don’t want to play like that? What if you want to play alone? And what if I told you some of the best experiences I’ve had in the Sea of Thieves closed beta were while playing solo?

I should explain “alone”. Sea of Thieves gives you – in addition to grouping with three other people, or one other – the option of sailing alone on a ship designed, really, for two people. It’s considered for advanced players but actually it’s a great way to learn the game – just don’t expect to be able to juggle steering, navigating and adjusting sails while also firing cannon, repairing holes and bailing out the hull.

Being responsible for all aspects of your ship’s welfare creates a sense of personal satisfaction, a bit like living on your own. You set the course, steer your way and raise sails and lower anchor. You swim ashore, read maps and solve riddles and find the treasure, swatting interfering skeletons along the way. Then you return the treasure to your boat and sail to an outpost to hand it in. You do all of that all on your own, and you’re bathed in the smug warmth of achievement for your efforts.

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