June 23, 2021

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Monster Hunter World has so much to teach other big budget games

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You wouldn’t cheese an Odogaron – even a tempered, high rank bastard that had carted you and your team over and over until you’d all convinced yourself this demon doggy was not going to be put down – because, well, you just wouldn’t. It’s a question of respect, isn’t it? And Monster Hunter: World’s many beasts, from the humble Kula-Ya-Ku to some of the mightier elder dragons, certainly command your veneration.

Which, in a beat, gets to the heart of what makes Monster Hunter so special. Comparisons are there to be made between Capcom’s grind-heavy, loot-fuelled co-op adventure and a certain shared world shooter whose name you may well have heard being dropped around these parts, but it’s more enlightening to look at where Monster Hunter differs from the rest. Given the ignoble fits that Destiny 2 has found itself in since its launch, maybe the likes of Bungie would do well to study some of those differences too.

The story of the big budget, persistent online console game has, in recent history, been mostly told through the frictions; of the exploits found by players, the players who feel exploited by the devs and that weird resulting tussle between the two groups. It’s been fascinating, really, and so much of the appeal of the original Destiny came from being on the frontlines of a skirmish that always felt playful in nature. Destiny 2 has seen that same battle turn more cynical, though – primarily through Bungie’s obfuscations, it would seem – which means I moved on a long time ago, and don’t really have the appetite to go back.

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