September 16, 2021

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Sea of Thieves is sandbox gaming at its purest

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Sea of Thieves has just gone live on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and PC, and we’re setting to the high seas to bring you our review as soon as we’ve had plenty of time with final code on fully stressed servers. Before then, though, here’s some early impressions from time with the various betas and a small while with final code.

Do you think we can take them? I whisper to my friend as a the shadow of a galleon passes across the starlit horizon. It’s night, obviously, and we’re in a relatively feeble two-man sloop, far outmatched in terms of raw fire powder by our sudden pursuers. Yet a storm is closing in, the sea is getting rough, and the galleon’s tiny twinkling lights, foolishly left lit against the darkness, suggest that our targets might not have the cunning to match their cockiness. Five minutes later, as our sail catches the breeze and we speed away to corners new, our careless challengers lie dashed against the rocks, slowly sinking into the ocean. Yo ho, yo ho.

Welcome to Sea of Thieves, an experience that positively crackles with these kinds of stories; tales of derring-do, of scoundrels and scallywags, shipwrecks and skeletal pirates, of mythical sea monsters and long-lost treasures, all in a wonderfully defined world of adventure, where anyone can become the stuff of legend through skill, cunning and guile.

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