September 26, 2021

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Why Fortnite should definitely nuke Tilted Towers

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This week’s big Fortnite news – and there is big Fortnite news every week – is that Tilted Towers might be getting nuked. Well, not nuked exactly, but hit by a meteor, a biographical event from which it is unlikely to emerge unchanged. Meteors often explode with a strength measured in relation to nuclear blasts, and there is a lovely decisive finality to the phrase, so let’s go with it. Tilted Towers might be getting nuked. And it should get nuked. Fortnite should definitely nuke Tilted Towers.

I was talking to friend of Eurogamer Simon Parkin a while before Tilted Towers started to look like it might be in trouble, and he explained to me how Fortnite has subtly changed the things he tells his kids in order to keep them safe. “Now,” he said, “Parenting 101 is look both ways before crossing the road and stay the f*** out of Tilted Towers.”

He added that his advice relating to Fortnite is rarely heeded. His sons play for an hour a day, and they often kick things off by asking, “Shall we go Tilted?” Often, they do go Tilted. They are part of the problem.

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