September 26, 2021

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Destiny 2’s road to recovery includes a rock hard horde mode

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Next month Destiny 2 gets a big new update to coincide with the beginning of the game’s third season, as well as the launch of expansion Warmind. Last night, Bungie showed off a raft of new features coming to the game the developer hopes will entice lapsed players back into the shared-world shooter.

The Warmind expansion adds a new destination to Destiny 2, but one that will feel familiar to players of the first Destiny. Players go back to Mars in an area called Hellas Basin. Rasputin, the super advanced AI we thought lived in Old Russia, actually lives in the polar ice caps on Mars. He’s now awake and has set off a chain of events that sees warsats rain down on the area, melting the ice caps in the process. This has in turn unleashed new ice hive enemies to fight.

Story wise, you need to uncover Destiny’s cradle of invention, the birthplace of the tech we know from the Destiny universe. This also happens to be the birthplace of Rasputin.

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