October 17, 2021

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‘Going up against Fortnite and PUBG is just incredibly hard’

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There’s never really been an easy time to debut an online-focussed multiplayer game on Steam, but the past few months have suggested there’s never really been a more brutal one. PUBG and Fortnite rule all, leaving high profile casualties such as Lawbreakers in their wake while many more smaller games have suffered. And into that, roll7 – the developer of the brilliant OlliOlli, its sequel and Not a Hero – has made its first ever multiplayer game in the future sports title Laser League.

“Well, it’s incredibly difficult – I don’t think we’re going to shy away from that fact,” says roll7 director Simon Bennett as the game emerges from Early Access on PC and makes its debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. “I think one plus we have coming to console is that it’s a great local multiplayer game. We’re hoping that people latch onto that fact as well. But ultimately we’ve invested a lot into getting that online side of it working, and for us as a developer getting the publishing and commercial aspect of it to work. Actually getting players to it, we’re working with publisher 505 to do that… We’ve seen so many games that just can’t get that concurrent user base.”

“So we’re adding a Battle Royale mode,” jokes creative director John Ribbins.

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