September 23, 2021

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Laser League review – an instant modern-day multiplayer classic

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Forget the name, first off – it’s the only foot developer roll7 really puts wrong in this, the latest from the team behind OlliOlli, and perhaps the studio’s most ambitious project to date. Laser League invites awkward comparisons to Rocket League, and given how this is also a straightforward yet deceptively deep multiplayer experience, it’s too easy to dwell on that. To make that assumption is to miss the point, though, and it sells what roll7’s concocted here more than a little short.

This is a game born from the perfect black void of the early 80s arcade, from the rowdy showfloor of the modern-day indie showcase and, at its very heart, from the crowded sofa of anyone who’s ever loved playing games with friends by their side. This is multiplayer gaming executed with the scalpel-sharp design of a Tempest or a Missile Command.

It’s 2150, and you’re partaking in a sport where small teams face off against each other in wraparound arenas, chasing down moving nodes that, when activated, project a wall of light that’s the same colour as your squad. You can pass through it at will, though it’ll down opposing members, eliminating them until they’re revived by a teammate. When everyone’s down you score a point – and the winner is declared after a set of three short matches.

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