October 26, 2021

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Onrush is like being in a washing machine filled with cars

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There are a bunch of variables to play with in Onrush, even in the current beta. For the opening hours of my first morning playing, however, none of them seemed to matter very much.

There are vehicles to pick from, ranging from fast-and-light to slow-and-heavy. Each come with their own skills and their own gimmicks. There are courses, throwing you over sand dunes and past tumbledown churches or skipping across day-glo volcanic lakes, a sudden burst of rainbow colour amidst stinging gusts of snow, all of which conform to the basic Onrush ideal, which seems to be a wide, chummy donut loop filled with jumps and bottlenecks. There are game types, too, in which your team competes with another by either ramming each other to pieces and doing tricks for boost, or by racing through little gateways to keep your countdown clock well-stocked with seconds.

At first, though, it was all a heady, grinding blur: buffeted and gloriously rattled, I was not left with the focus needed to divine what exactly happens when you level up between games, or what makes one team-mate a regular in the post-match MVP rankings, or how that MVP player gets to choose what their avatar looks like or which funny victory dance they end up doing.

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