June 14, 2021

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Microtransactions, battle royale and Wake Island – the Battlefield V interview

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Well, who would have thought it. There’s a new Battlefield game coming out this year, and it uses World War 2 as a backdrop for DICE’s chaotic multiplayer sandbox, while also folding in features such as a new co-op mode and character customisation – both of which were the focus point for the reveal trailer – and doing away with the series’ long-standing premium pass. Shortly after yesterday’s reveal event, I got the chance to sit down briefly with DICE’s creative director Lars Gustavsson, a long-standing member of the team and part of the franchise since its very beginning, to talk through some of the changes.

The reveal trailer looked incredible. It almost looks like gameplay, but I imagine it’s not, right?

Well everything is shot in-game, and everything will happen in the game – it’s all game engine and it’s all going to happen, so it’s a cinematic take on it.

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