July 25, 2021

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Sega Mega Drive Classics makes me pine for a blue sky future

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On a cold, gloomy Saturday 14 years ago, my brother and I went to trade in some old games at our local indie store. I can only guess what I got rid off – I’m betting on a PS2 copy of Yu-Gi-Oh! or something similarly tedious. Once done, though, we walked away with something brand new. Well, kind of new, at least: Midway Arcade Treasures, a new collection of old arcade and console classics from a company that would eventually die a slow death just a few years later.

The success of that compilation led to Midway digging up and re-releasing other games it had stored in the attic, and eventually Capcom and Sega followed suit by selling their own collections to a new crop of gamers. Sega doubled down, in fact, re-releasing their famous classics such as Sonic and Ristar games on the next generation of consoles after that, and the company has now done it again for the latest Xbox and Playstation.

Playing through the collection over the last week, I have mixed feelings about Sega Mega Drive Classics.

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