June 23, 2021

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Rage 2 sees Avalanche and Id pull off what could be the perfect double-act

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It is, if nothing else, quite the double act.

There’s Id’s Tim Willits, diminutive in stature yet towering in presence, and a man that, if you’d let him, would surely happily never stop talking. He’s pacing to and fro around a meeting room on the upper floors of Avalanche’s main studio, asking everyone assembled if they’ve got any good jokes about Stockholm, putting on a short one-man show before rattling his way through a presentation on Rage 2, the game his own studio Id is assisting Avalanche with.

And then there’s Avalanche’s Magnus Nedfors – a towering man whose height is topped off by long, greying locks, yet his laconic, laid back demeanour can make it seem like he isn’t there at all. They’re an odd couple, this two, but in the partnership they’ve forged there may well be something approaching magic.

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