July 26, 2021

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I’m an introvert when it comes to online games

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‘D-do you fancy playing some Sea of Thieves later tonight?’ I ask, although not sure how I managed to stutter seeing that it was a WhatsApp message. I waited for a response, feeling actually pretty awkward. Oh god, blue ticks but no reply.

I’m sweating. Why am I sweating? I’m just asking someone if they want to play a video game with me? Why does this feel worse than waiting for a response after asking someone out on a date? Why has this suddenly become a thing in my life?

Funny thing is, I would happily ask someone out on a date or pose a tricky question the likes of which, if phrased incorrectly, could get me fired or deemed a morally reprehensible scum-bucket by the internet hive mob. And yet, that doesn’t bother me one bit. I love those spicy moments of life like that. I love chucking myself in at the deep end. Gear up, knee pads on with cricket bat in hand ready to smack the crap out of anything life throws at me. I am confident, assured and keen to get scuffed up and potentially covered in mud.

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