September 24, 2021

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Bomber Crew review – a chaotic strategy game that can be both compelling and confusing

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By the time I reach the seventh and final critical mission of Bomber Crew, I know this is a one way trip.

Despite the game’s cute, cartoony aesthetics, it’s a game about war. Every mission has a main objective – most involve destroying military targets like factories, ammo dumps, and submarines – and bonus objectives. Returning to base is always one of the latter. You can, and will, lose planes and people.

Broadly, Bomber Crew tasks you with controlling seven air force members in order to carry out missions against Nazi forces in Europe. (The game never explicitly uses the word Nazi, but enemy pilots speak with exaggerated German affectations; their planes sport Iron Crosses; missions clearly pull from D-Day and Operation Chastise.) Each member of the crew has their own role: navigation, taking down enemy fighter jets, operating the radio, and so forth. There’s always someone to instruct, or a heading or enemy to tag. It can quickly become chaos.

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