September 23, 2021

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Blood Dragons are back for Far Cry 5’s Living Dead Zombies DLC

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Far Cry 5’s next DLC offering – Dead Living Zombies – will release on 28th August 2018, and from a split-second tease near the end of its latest trailer, it seems Far Cry’s fan-favourite Blood Dragons are making a comeback.

The latest DLC content promises a zombified version of Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo is – for reasons left unexplained – a Frankenstein’s monster-esque patchwork of other B-movie creatures, including what appears to be a werewolf, a vampire, a mummy, and bits of Frankenstein’s mutilated buddy, too (which makes it a Frankenstein monster of Frankenstein’s monster, right? I think?)

Chuck in a little Bridges of Madison County and that’s all I thought Dead Living Zombies was… right until I got to the end of the teaser (thanks, PCGN). While the trailer focuses chiefly on a fairly predictable bevvy of undead denizens, in the dying seconds there’s a shot of a Blood Dragon. Here, take a look, paying particularly close attention when it gets to 0.36:

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