July 25, 2021

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Dante returns: Hideaki Itsuno on Devil May Cry 5

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Dante is back. And so, it seems, is Capcom, the Osaka-based company on a winning streak the likes of which we haven’t seen since its 90s and early 00s pomp. Resident Evil 7 successfully brought the series back to its horror roots while delivering a modern twist, and Monster Hunter World finally gave that series the recognition it deserved in the west, while on the horizon there’s the exquisite looking Mega Man 11 and next year’s sumptuous Resident Evil 2 remake.

And then there’s Devil May Cry. Returning home to Capcom after Ninja Theory’s somewhat divisive DmC (which, for the record, was brilliant), heroes Dante and Nero appear in more familiar form, while another hero returns in the form of Hideaki Itsuno. A late addition to the troubled Devil May Cry 2 project, he went on to direct the third and fourth instalments, while his career at Capcom is as illustrious as it gets; he can proudly take responsibility for the likes of Power Stone, Rival Schools and Dragon’s Dogma amongst many others.

At Tokyo Game Show Capcom revealed a new character, V, while also unveiling Dante in playable form. Familiar yet fresh, he boasts his broadest moveset yet – “we felt that taking stuff away tends to upset people,” says Itsuno – and is placed in a ludicrously good-looking game, some of the photo-real elements made possible by the RE Engine mixing well into Devil May Cry’s typical bold style. Barring the unexpected – and provided the grim inclusion of microtransactions doesn’t overly impede the experience – Devil May Cry 5 should continue Capcom’s winning streak when it comes out next March.

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