July 25, 2021

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Here are the best Black Friday deals, even though it isn’t Black Friday

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Ah, Black Friday. Although not yet upon us, it lingers in spirit, and also deals. Big deals, small deals, deals deep and old enough to haunt unsuspecting wallets forever. Thankfully, nabbing those discounts no longer runs the risk of being crushed to death and/or duelling toddlers for novelty dining sets. At least, not in this country. Yet.

The influence of America’s favourite retail frenzy has nevertheless permeated the UK, and to the extent that the discounts have long since overflowed Black Friday itself – which is actually next week, the 23rd – and appear online well beforehand. We, the Deal Hunters (trapped forever seeking in an uneasy dream, not unlike Gehrman in Bloodborne) have been out retail wilds and harvested a decent crop of Black Friday offers despite the continued absence of actual Black Friday. Enticing console bundles, eerily shimmering 4K televisions, game discounts and a myriad of shiny accessories await. So whether you’re drawn to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 or benelovent robots, here are the best discounts we’ve unearthed so far.

Nintendo Switch deals

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