September 24, 2021

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Darksiders 3 review – a pale imitation of itself

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There’s something of the palate cleanser to the faithful hack and slash game. When elsewhere the worlds are getting bigger, the narratives more urgent and the collectables more numerous, games such as Darksiders generally have only one goal: hitting monsters on the noggin. In Darksiders 3, you get to do that once again – and little else besides.

Six years after the last instalment – and some five years since the liquidation of the series’ original publisher – Darksiders now has a new-ish publisher and a new-ish developer: THQ Nordic rose out of the ashes of THQ and many of the original Darksiders devs now work at Gunfire Games. The Darksiders sequel we have now is the result of this precarious second lease of life.

Darksiders 2 introduced drastic changes, like the massive inventory, the large number of weapons and the skill tree, to little applause, so part three does away with all of that. Unfortunately Gunfire Games goes about the trim like an overzealous hairstyling trainee who didn’t know when to stop, leaving us with a game that just barely skirts the edges of boredom at times.

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