September 24, 2021

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Far Cry New Dawn is a post-apocalyptic spin on the series

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There’s a new Far Cry coming early next year, and it’s set in a post-apocalyptic Hope County.

Far Cry New Dawn, which is coming out on February 15th 2019, is set – and here be spoilers for the end of the last instalment of the series, so if you’re sensitive to such things best look away now – after the apocalypse that tore through Hope County and the rest of the world at the entertainingly improbable end of Far Cry 5. New Dawn is set 17 years after those events, to be precise, which means there’s scope for some returning characters.

The backdrop is being pitched as a return to the frontier days, and a new west, with AR-15s instead of bows and arrows (though you’ll probably get to dick around with them too) and pick-up trucks instead of horses – although hey there might be some of those too, and you do get a dog called Timber as a companion. And also a wild boar called Horatio. Oh, and in an expansion on the Fangs for Hire system from the last game, your companion animals can get into vehicles with you now, so you can ride into battle with a timberwolf in your sidecar if you so wish. Essential stuff.

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