October 21, 2021

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Flipnote Studio April Fool’s ends in creator being harassed

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Numerous Nintendo fans (and fan sites) this week fell foul of a fake Flipnote Studio revival – and now the person behind the intended April Fool’s joke is receiving a torrent of abuse.

It all began at the weekend, when a detailed set of images popped up online purporting to be of a Switch remake for the DS and 3DS doodler. The screenshots were said to have been posted by a Japanese user who gained access to a beta version, and included illustrations of obscure Nintendo characters from forgotten games such as Giftpia and Chibi-Robo. Some fans took these to be teases for new games in those series, too.

Flipnote Studio was a popular animation app made by Nintendo originally for the DSi, with a sequel for 3DS. It lets artists showcase simple drawings and animation, and grew to have a cult following.

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