November 27, 2021

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Big Streets of Rage 4 update hits after 1.5m downloads

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Streets of Rage 4 has a big new update that makes more than 80 enhancements to the game.

The patch makes some important changes to the well-received beat ’em-up, with online improvements (better fluidity and stability, less latency), new online stats display options on the HUD, and various bug fixes and fixes for random crashes.

Meanwhile, there’s a balance sweep for all main characters, and gameplay improvements for all stages. Specials and star moves now interrupt all hitstun states, including air, and there are buffs to Axel and Cherry. Axel has a faster move speed and less recovery on some moves, while Cherry’s flying punch from combos is now fully invincible. If you’re into the game, the patch notes are worth a read.

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