December 2, 2021

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Devs and doggos: how Nodding Head made Raji while saving stray Indian dogs

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If you haven’t already played Raji: An Ancient Epic, then you absolutely should. It’s a terrific passion project from Nodding Head, an indie studio based in Pune, India, telling a story steeped in India’s own culture, mythology and architecture.

For those who have finished it, you’ll have hopefully stayed for the credits and seen something interesting. Credits, I think, are always interesting – they’re after all the names of people responsible for making this game happen. Credits might also tell their own stories of a game’s development, such as the special thanks given here to Epic Games, who had provided a grant to Nodding Head after the game’s unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, or to ID@Xbox, who helped give the game a larger platform (even if it would launch on the Switch first).

The most interesting tidbit in Raji’s credits, however, is left right near the end: the Nodding Head Doggos.

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