December 4, 2021

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Watch Dogs: Legion has a game-breaking bug on Xbox One X

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Watch Dogs: Legion, the third in Ubisoft’s urban open world series, has a game-breaking bug at launch on Xbox One X that makes progress in its campaign impossible. Ubisoft is working to remedy the matter in a hotfix due at the end of this week.

The issue occurs around 6-8 hours into the main campaign (during a mission called – I kid you not – 404) upon which players are told their console is to shut down, as it’s designed to, because of overheating – which it duly does. It’s an issue we’ve anecdotally heard has happened to multiple reviewers of the game on Xbox One X – Ubisoft’s recommended platform for reviewers.

Other platforms appear unaffected by the specific issue, though members of the Eurogamer team have reported more minor bugs with the PS4 Pro build.

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