November 27, 2021

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Fights in Tight Spaces wonderfully reimagines action movie showdowns

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Have you ever seen those Sherlock Holmes films by Guy Ritchie, the ones with Robert Downey Jr in? Oh they’re not that bad, come on. Guy Ritchie’s Holmes has this ability to plan out fights before they happen. He imagines all the blows he’s going to land, mentally weighing up their pros and cons, then chooses the best option, performing it in a blur of precise strikes. He barely raises a sweat as his systematically destroyed opponent crumples in a heap on the floor. It’s very cool.

Fights in Tight Spaces reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. Mind you, it also reminds me of Neo, and of Jason Bourne and James Bond and John Wick and even Jackie Chan (I sense a theme here) – all of these very neat, very controlled, close-quarters fighters, who look like they’re in trouble but it’s really the enemies who are. It’s about being the surrounded action hero who’s about to show everyone why they’re the action hero.

Given that, Fights in Tight Spaces probably doesn’t sound like a turn-based game. But this is where the magic comes from. This is what allows you the Holmes-time to plan out what you’re going to do. You’re presented with a puzzle, a huddle of assailants around you, and you have to work out how to get out of their paths while simultaneously messing them up.

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