November 27, 2021

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This podcast changed my life

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Good things take time, they say, which is true. Some great things can take a literal age, greeting you at their inaugural launch party with a giant wispy beard, savagely unkempt hair and a mountain of half-eaten Pot Noodles strewn over the floor.

Anyway, at the end of last year, my BFF (no, I wasn’t aware I still wrote things like that either) Ms. Aoife Wilson and I got a podcast commissioned called This Game Changed My Life. For BBC Sounds no less *dusts imaginary dust of imaginary shoulder pads*.

It was a great day. I mean, c’mon – how often in life do you firstly get a BBC commission (a tough and always long process), secondly get to meet people whose lives have been changed forever because of something you love ,and thirdly get to do it with someone who’s eaten more hungover Dominos with you than any respective partner you’ve ever had?

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