December 2, 2021

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XIII’s remake proves the original is sometimes the better option

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Just because a remake falls short doesn’t mean we should forget what made the original so good. It’s very strange to be a fan of an old game that’s been most ignored in years gone by. Ubisoft’s XIII did receive some good reviews though – the first one I remembered reading way back in 2003 was in a copy of Games Master, which gave it 94% if memory’s serving me correctly.

Let me state the obvious up front: the 2020 remake of XIII is not a 94% game. Just to refresh your memory (no pun intended), the story is loosely based on an old Belgian comic. You’re an amnesiac washed up on a beach with the roman numerals XIII tattooed on your shoulder and quickly learn you’re accused of assassinating the American president. So, quite simple and easy to deal with.

XIII is an approachable and friendly thing compared to today’s shooters, avoiding the annoying RPG-style upgrade systems that seem to be the norm now. Another benefit is not having to sit through episodic-length cut scenes. The story moves swiftly between different scenes and the comic-style panel presentation offers up multiple angles as if you’re watching a movie without the pain of… well, watching a movie.

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