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10th June 2019:
GTA 5 Casino to open soon, and we’ve been down there to take a look at the construction work

So the rumour from Rockstar is that the casino found within East Vinewood, in GTA 5’s Los Santos City, is to finally open its doors several years after the launch of the game itself.

Up until now, all that could be seen was a sign saying “Opening Soon” outside of the building. But that is all set to change, and we’ve been to the site to check out the changes.

Over the coming weeks, there will be some minor changes to the exterior of the casino as it gets closer to being opened. The “Opening Soon” signs have been taken down, and large bins and construction signs placed outside.

Personally, I feel that this change has come about since Rockstar launched gambling within Red Dead Online recently. There obviously has to be some changes to in-game currency, to avoid previous incidents where players have been using the in-game Shark Cards to gamble and scam other players. But I think this will be one of GTA’s best online updates. More pictures to come as we get closer to launch date!

According to prolific dataminer TezFunz2, the casino will be a new business featured in the next major update. That update will likely hit early in July, though it could be as soon as the end of this month. Since the changes are already being teased in an official capacity, don’t be surprised if Rockstar offers some more concrete details soon.

Whenever the update lands, it looks like we can finally put the long wait for the casino to bed.

11th February 2019:
We get hands on with The Division 2 Public Beta

“Hey look Ma! I’m at the White House!”

I was fortunate enough to be included in the recent private beta for The Division 2, and, for the most part I was impressed.

Washington D.C looks AMAZING in 4K. The team at Ubisoft haven’t always been a popular bunch, but I really feel that they are making great steps with their Snowdrop engine. I was blown away by the overall look and feel of the beta, alright there was a couple of bugs but that’s to be expected in a beta test.

The beta included a couple of story missions, a small handful of side missions and a couple of safe houses to secure. The players were capped at level 7 throughout the beta. From start to finish I played this beta for just over 15 hours, so there was a fair amount of content to look at and test. I was also surprised to see ‘end game’ content being made available, so that players could fully test all of the characters and specifications.

As a huge fan of the first instalment of The Division, I had high hopes for this beta. The first game will take some beating but Ubisoft are definitely heading in the right direction. The game worked well for 99% of the time, with a couple of bugs showing up whilst I was playing.


Bugs and glitches are expected in an alpha or beta test. I encountered 2-3 occasions where a bug or glitch affected my game play.

The first bug, which I thought may have been a “game ender”, I ended up stuck inside of a vehicle – as shown in our Beta video. I tried everything, even tried logging out of Ubisoft, restarted Beta on my console, nothing worked. So I left it a while, repeated the same steps, and eventually I was able to spawn back at the Base of Operations.

The other glitches were minor; for some reason, after some time, the sounds stopped working. So no gun shots, no talking, there was still ambient noise when at a base but that was it. This was solved by just restarting the game.
And apart from noticing a couple of NPCs stuck in walls, that was pretty much all I spotted bug-wise.

All in all, there is still work to be done by Ubisoft and this beta test served as a good indicator of what to expect when this hits shelves on March 15th

1st February 2019:
Xbox One woes continue after service update kills consoles worldwide

For about three hours, many Xbox One owners with consoles connected to the Internet found that trying to use their consoles just resulted in seeing a black screen on their TVs.

The Xbox Support team initially acknowledged the “startup, title update and sign-in errors” at 6.08pm

Brad Rosetti, a member of the Xbox engineering team confirmed that they had “identified the service causing the black screens” about half an hour later.

Users reporting problems and responding to updates on Twitter had feared the worst when their consoles seemed to have entirely stopped working, with one saying they “thought my console was toast!!!”

“Oh thank God, I thought my Xbox X was bricked,” said another.

Roughly two hours later, Xbox Support confirmed that the original batch of issues had been resolved, with Rossetti confirming the errant service change had been “rolled back” at around 8 pm

That wasn’t the end of woes for fans of Microsoft’s console though, with more reports of issues “downloading and installing content” coming in several hours later.

The tech team got back to work, and those problems were reportedly resolved some time after 5am

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it, with further issues continuing through the day, stopping users downloading things they had already paid for.

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