August 5, 2021

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Rezone, Recycle, and Rebuild in Cities: Skylines – Green Cities Available Now on Xbox One

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Cities: Skylines is a modern take on a classic city builder, allowing you to express your creativity and to optimize the city of your dreams. Up until now, the game has had several different expansions that add to various gameplay elements such as nightlife, winter environments, disasters and traffic. Our latest addition to our existing catalogue of expansions is Cities: Skylines – Green Cities.

Cities Skylines - Green Cities

Green Cities is all about switching your city over to a more environment friendly focus with new types of zoning specialization. These include residential and office specializations such as self-sufficient buildings and IT clusters, which is a first for the game. There is also a new commercial specialization focused on organic and local produce. These different specializations help you as a player shift your city to a greener energy profile while at the same time changing up the look of your skyline.

Cities Skylines - Green Cities

The challenge in Green Cities arises in managing things like lower tax revenue or higher electricity consumption from some specializations as you strive toward a fully green city or part of a city. In conjunction with these new specializations there are also new alternate city services such as recycling, healthcare or bio-fuel buses.

Cities Skylines - Green Cities

You also have new policies to help regulate your new green endeavors, such as plastic recycling and industrial waste filtering, as well as banning combustion engine cars in favor of the new electric ones introduced for free with Green Cities. Electric cars come with benefits to the noise pollution which has also been reworked to track individual noise footprint per car, meaning encouraging electric cars can have a significant effect on the noise levels in your city.

Cities Skylines - Green Cities

Added to this are new monuments, unique buildings, maps, scenarios and chirpers, to go with numerous free updates including electric cars, trees, parks, a Mars themed radio station and a rocket launcher site. This is not counting a bunch of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. We hope that you will enjoy Green Cities and all of its new and cool features!

Cities: Skylines – Green Cities expansion is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. It requires a full version of Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition. Click here for purchase details

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