October 26, 2021

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Fallout 4 on Xbox One X delivers a detail-rich 4K experience

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There are still a number of high-profile Xbox One X titles still in the pipeline (Forza Horizon 3, anyone?) but two significant upgrades arrived in tandem yesterday. Bethesda’s Skyrim upgrade looks to deliver a native 4K experience in line with the PS4 Pro version – and we’ll be reporting on that in the next day or so – but it’s Fallout 4 that seems to be bringing much more to the table. On paper at least, the 4K resolution offers a big upgrade over the existing PS4 Pro release, while retaining and even improving on the draw distance and god ray upgrades seen on Sony’s latest console.

Comparisons with the standard Xbox One title are even more impressive though. The original release featured a dynamic horizontal scaler in order to manage GPU load, but still had profound stuttering issues and drops to anything as low as 20fps, even after successive patches. We also noted problems with storage – the Xbox One code seemed to have issues caching player weapons, leading to split-second pauses as the player cycled through his arsenal. It’s been a while since we last looked at the game, but straight out of the gate, there’s a night and day difference here.

First of all, the resolution boost is very impressive. Bethesda has indeed delivered a 2160p presentation, though in common with the base version, there is a horizontal scaling component, looking to keep frame-rates more consistent (with varying levels of success). Using our Corvega factory stress test, we noted that resolution hits a minimum of 3264×2160 – essentially 85 per cent of the full 4K. We can’t test every area of the game, but suffice to say that the game’s ultra HD credentials hold up for the most part, with anything between a 1.91x to 2.25x increase to pixel-count over PS4 Pro, depending on the status of the scaler.

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