September 24, 2021

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PUBG on Xbox One lets you view the PC settings screen

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One continues to throw up some fascinating discoveries, including the inclusion of a PC-style settings screen that displays resolution and graphics options. The menu itself is non-functional, but suggests that the base Xbox One version of the game runs at 1080p on PC’s very low settings. Meanwhile, accessing the same menu on Xbox One X gives a different outlook, with 4K resolution and medium settings dialled in. But is this an accurate representation of the game’s visual make-up? We decided to find out.

The menu’s existence came to light via the ResetEra forums, revealing that attaching a USB keyboard to the console and pressing the ‘O’ key brings up the options screen in question. However, further to that, we can confirm that many other keyboard functions are active, including WASD movement and the ability to access specific kit with a single button press. Those hoping for full keyboard and mouse controls will be disappointed though – none of our mice worked at all on the console version of the game. Beyond USB support, it’s the status of the console settings that’s a touch worrying. In addition to its frame-rate issues, is the equivalent to PC’s very low preset really the best that PUBG can deliver on Xbox One?

In yesterday’s performance analysis, we did indeed confirm native full HD and ultra HD resolution for base Xbox and the X respectively – just as the option screen suggests. However, in our experience, most console ports feature a selection of settings from across the range of presets available, with the aim being to achieve the best balance of visual fidelity and performance. PUBG follows the same principles to a certain extent, but with mixed results.

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