September 16, 2021

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Dark Souls Remastered’s network test puts the spotlight on Xbox One X

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Dark Souls Remastered’s network test was conducted last weekend, giving our firs look at how the game operates across all consoles. We’ve already had a sizeable chunk of PS4 Pro preview footage to look at, of course. Running at a native 1800p and with something very close to a locked 60fps, first impressions are of a conservative, but satisfying remaster. What the network test finally gives us is a sense of perspective: how does the more powerful Xbox One X compare to the PS4 Pro? And equally, where does that leave the two base consoles?

Well, first things first – the code offered to users really is an early and unique build, put together just to test the PvP invasions and using a restricted segment of Lordran. Even though the client weighs in at 3GB – almost the size of the full game on last-gen systems – we were blocked off from a lot of the best bits. So there was no opportunity for a trip to wyvern on the bridge, or to explore Sen’s Fortress, for example. All those were hidden by impassable fog doors, or untouchable levers.

Instead, the network test build honed purely on the Undead Parish area, leading up to two Bell Gargoyles on the rooftop. Short as it is, there is enough here to prove that the new netcode is generally holding up; I struggled to summon Solaire a couple of times, but in terms of the online invasion mechanic it doesn’t seem like there’s much to complain about. It clicks together, and for the online play at least, it’s in a good place.

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