August 5, 2021

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PUBG Xbox One performance still isn’t good enough

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It’s been over three months since Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds arrived on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Released as an early access ‘game preview’, what was immediately clear was that PUBG’s console implementation had profound issues in nearly all areas: presentation was lacking, textures possessed severe streaming problems and frame-rate was sub-optimal, to put it generously. Three months on and there have been a range of improvements, but performance, key to the PUBG experience, is still lacking – and the developers agree with us.

In its recent Spring Xbox PUBG Roadmap, Bluehole provides a candid and eye-opening admission about the state of the game. “To put it bluntly, we are simply not satisfied with the game’s current console performance,” the statement says. “Especially so during tense moments of onscreen action.”

A couple of months have passed since our last PUBG Xbox analysis and new patches continue to roll out, so in reassessing the game, we did our most comprehensive tests yet – we captured and analysed over 90 minutes of action from both Xbox One and Xbox One X, buddying up in the same online game instances to ensure that conditions between the two consoles were as like-for-like as possible. Rather than extracting a selection of clips from the captures as we’ve done in the past, everything we played was analysed – the idea being to ensure that we missed nothing, while also giving us an idea of how the flow of an entire session played out.

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