September 26, 2021

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Redout on Xbox One X falls short of the PS4 Pro experience

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As powerful as it may be, not every release for Xbox One X can be a winner, but we genuinely expected more from Redout: Lightspeed Edition. The potential’s certainly there: the original PC version of the game remains an excellent piece of work, but it’s clearly a demanding title for consoles – only the PlayStation 4 Pro version can consistently deliver full 60fps gameplay. According to Microsoft’s X-enhanced games list, Redout should be delivering ultra HD 4K on the new console. It’s not, but that’s actually the least of its issues.

As things stand, there seems to be a running theme of Redout over-promising and under-delivering on consoles. An interview with developer 34BigThings claims that the PS4 Pro version runs at checkerboard 4K with most of PC’s epic settings enabled, while simultaneously claiming that Xbox One X would hand in native ultra HD with all visual presets ramped up to the max. That’s an enticing prospect bearing in mind how beautiful the PC experience is, but all of our pixel counts resolve 1080p resolution only on both X and Pro consoles.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. In a WipEout/F-Zero-style game like this, frame-rate is king, and stacking up the unlocked and wobbly base PS4 version of Redout with the slick Pro version offers up a clearly improved experience, with Sony’s super-charged console handing in a nigh-on locked 60fps. Last September, 34BigThings told us that a 4K checkerboarding update would be deployed when we contacted them about the Pro’s 1080p pixel counts, but looking at the game today, nothing has changed.

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