June 23, 2021

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Resident Evil 7’s Xbox One X patch offers a big boost over the standard console

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Built with some of the most impressive VR support we’ve seen so far, Resident Evil 7 is now available for Xbox One X, bringing with it the lure of 4K display support. Capcom targets 1080p on the regular consoles, but for the standard Xbox One, this causes a problem, with the game struggling to deliver anything like a consistent 60 frames per second. The X addresses two issues then, with the new patch delivering massively improved pixel counts and restoring performance to what it should be. And in turn, that begs the question: just how does it compare to the current PlayStation 4 Pro version?

Let’s kick off by talking numbers. The fact is that Resident Evil 7 is a notoriously difficult game to pixel count. That ‘found footage’ style – with depth of field, film grain, chromatic aberration and other distortion effects – deliberately degrades the image for cinematic effect. As a result, the pure resolution metrics aren’t just harder to nail down, but in practice, the visible divide between consoles is that much more hidden.

In our original analysis of the PS4 Pro edition, Capcom told us that the game rendered at 2240×1260, with additional lighting enhancements. Since then we’ve heard reports of a different number being used on Pro’s 4K output mode. YouTube channel VG Tech in particular dissected the most recent patch 1.06 on PS4 Pro, finding a 3200×1800 resolution with what they believe to be checkerboard rendering.

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