October 23, 2021

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Fortnite: iPhone X takes on Xbox One X

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Can mobile phone technology really deliver a convincing take on a game designed for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Some might say that Nintendo’s Switch has already proven the point in several cases, but Epic’s Fortnite on iOS is one of the best examples we’ve seen yet of a convincing convergence between mobile and console technology – in this X vs X face-off, it’s fascinating to see just how close Fortnite running on iPhone X compares to the same game running on Xbox One X. Older iPhones? Well, you get a recognisable experience, but technologically, it’s just not in the same ballpark.

We’ve already seen PUBG running on mobile hardware – and to be fair, it’s a reasonable approximation, but while the map is comparable, the visual cutbacks are such that in many cases, it looks like a different game altogether. Not so with Fortnite: from the moment you fire up the game on the iPhone X, it’s genuinely surprisingly how much this looks and feels like the established console release. The menus are mostly the same, the visuals remain similar and the map is identical. If you’ve been away from the console or PC version for a while, you might not even pick up on the differences at all.

And then there’s the cross-play. Fortnite on mobile has to offer a very similar experience to the established Battle Royale game on the other systems because it’s possible for mobile gamers to join in with PC, Xbox and PS4 sessions – which is exactly how we got our comparison clips together for the video below. I joined forces with myself on Xbox One X, then went searching for a quick elimination. By removing my Xbox persona from the game, the spectator mode automatically switches to my teammate – me again, this time playing on iPhone X. The result? The same action captured twice in real-time, once on the iPhone, once on the Xbox One X in spectator mode.

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